Your branding is your unique identity. Got some ideas in mind? Let’s work together and interpret them with style! We produce all aspects of branding from concept to creation to include colour co-ordination, logo design, stationery, business cards and label printing.

We also specialise in luxury printing processes such as foil blocking, gilt and colour edging, letterpress, and embossing. Everything about your brand will exude quality, charisma and functional artistry.

“Rachelle’s genius to create our new branding to ‘exactly’ what we wanted without us being able to give her a traditional brief was phenomenal. We are thrilled and feel completely at home in our new look.” Audrey Chapman, The Sales Resolution.

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Whether you want simple web presence or something that stands out from the crowd, we have the knack of transforming your ideas into a stylish and functional website that conveys the right message to your customers.

We provide bespoke web presence at its best. Managed all the way from initial enquiry to the design and build, by real people with over ten years of experience in every aspect of web design and administration.

Your website represents your brand and passion; our job is to help you create a stunning online impression.

“House of Strauss have been my ‘go to’ for my websites over the past five years and they’ve pulled ‘awesome’ out of the bag yet again with their design of Rock and Roll Therapy site.” Michelle Zelli, Rock and Roll Therapy.

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You’re thrilled with your branding. You love your new logo. Your website is rocking your world.

Now what?

Without a good marketing strategy your business is unlikely to succeed.

We have a range of solutions for both online and offline marketing, including social media management, sales letters, head-turning business cards, Press Releases and our legendary clarity consultations where we’ll get you out of overwhelm and clear on your next steps.

“Rae was a Godsend at helping me get to grips with putting myself out there. Not only did she get me my first exposure to Newspapers she taught me how to focus my SEO and get more traffic to my site.” Vicky Parsons, Tale Time Stories.

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“You’re never alone …” is an old cliché, but absolutely true at House of Strauss! We constantly watch your website to monitor any potential problems.

We keep daily backups of your site and its content. We run regular scans to keep the bad boys out. In the event of disaster, or even a minor hiccup, we have you covered from every direction. We’ll bring your site online again before you know it.

We work in a close creative and functional collaboration for success with all our clients. Contact us and you’ll get straight to the decision maker. Support doesn’t get better than this.

“Richard has continued to support us in updating and developing our web presence. We continue to receive very positive feedback on the look and feel of our site; this is down to his skill and expertise.” Camilla Janes, Make Me Fabulous

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Traffic is vanity. Conversions are sanity.

Conversion – what internet marketing is all about – is a problem that AdWords consultants meet all the time: you drive top quality targeted traffic to a client’s website and it just bounces off.

By combining technical, design and copywriting skills with our PPC expert – who has been a full-time internet marketing consultant for 15 years and wrote the first book on Google’s AdSense system – we create winning combinations that increase your bottom line.

“My business achieved a 140% increase in orders from the previous month, yes that is the quietest month of the year when no one is spending! I had a further 9% increase in February and am on target for my most successful month in March.”

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We’re highly competent direct sales experts with the skills, experience and knowledge you need to get the most from your sales function.

Our experience shows that it’s not how you run your sales function that has the most impact on your sales. It’s how you run your whole business. So when we work with you to improve how your sales perform, we look across your whole business to see where change will bring growth.

We’re committed to only working with people who share our values and with who we feel we can make a positive difference.

“One of our franchise partners was converting around 22% of leads to installation. Within three months of completing Audrey’s training programme the team are now achieving a conversion rate of 48%.” Sarah Thurston, HomeServe Alliance

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One … We Listen! Two … we unravel the uncertainties! Three… we construct a project plan! You come to us with ideas, a vision, a passion to succeed. Whether it’s a personal project, a business venture or to expand your reach to a greater audience.

We have helped countless clients in the consultation and planning process to understand their strengths, hidden potential and harness the best ways to achieve their highest aspirations.

You’ll leave your consultation energised, certain of your next steps and with a renewed sense of enthusiasm.

“Rachelle has an incredible knack for cutting through the crap and getting right to the heart of the matter; bringing huge clarity to every situation I have ever brought to her.” Cheryl Barnes, Head of Sales and Marketing.

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Does your copy attract target customers and drive sales?

Or do they bounce off because you’re not providing what they need?

Bad copywriting makes you look unprofessional and can even damage your reputation.

We can provide crisp, clean and concise copy.

Copy that will develop meaningful relationships with your customers and give you an edge over your competitors.

Good words get good results.

In all my working life I have never come across someone who is so perfectly able to understand and interpret a copywriting brief. Rae has a sixth sense for what I want to say and her service is outstanding. She takes the brief and a short while later the 99% perfect copy arrives in my inbox. Sarah Greenaway, Mosami

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It’s like putting an engine in your Ferrari.

Without SEO, your site is in a permanent pit stop.

Google returns hundreds of thousands of results in a fraction of a second. Where’s your site among the competition?

If it’s not performing well your site is no good to you, your business or your clients.

Get us on your team to improve your search engine rankings with our laser focused SEO strategy.

“In the course of only 3-6 months we now have a website that comes up on the first page for every search term we wanted to target and for some terms, we are the very first hit.” Antony Walsh, Churchill Investment Management.

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If you think Facebook and Twitter are for teenagers then your business is missing out. Millions of users log on every day – many of whom are your customers.

Unless you’re using social media on a regular basis you’re handing business over to your competitors. Used properly, it’s like FREE PR for your company!

Horrified by hashtags? Don’t know your Mention from your MT? Don’t have the time or the interest to learn?

We can manage your social media campaign on your behalf. We’ll interact with your audience and build a loyal following who you can convert to paying clients.

“We had been working with social media for a number of years to build our brands but it wasn’t until Rachelle got involved that we were able to generate leads directly from social channels.” Mark Brown, T G Escapes.

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The internet is the world’s biggest market place
You need a website that stands high in the crowd

Let’s see some examples


We have been passionately designing and building premium websites for over fifteen years and specialise on the WordPress platform. Our experience and skills inspire confidence


We use the finest industry standard and world recognised platform of WordPress. This system is used by some top blue chip companies like the Wall Street Journal. You’re in good company!


A website is only half of the solution. Your hosting environment is crucial for security, failsafe recovery and support. We use the finest host WP-Engine, recommended by WordPress.org

Avenues To Help Your Business Excel


Websites built for the modern mobile world. Our websites are constantly evolving to keep pace and pre-empt the latest technologies and must-have features. We’re always up to date.


Do you have a great marketing idea? The sky is the limit, we can help to transform your concepts into exciting, practical strategies, as well as providing a superb website presence.


Challenges with defining yourself and providing copy content? No problem, we have skilled experienced copywriters to ground those rough notes into a compelling, impressive narrative.


Let’s jump into the world of media! Your website can handle the most impressive media presentations, from hosted video, with paywalls, instant podcasts and stunning photo galleries.

We’ll Help Your Business Blast Off; like we did for Andy!

“We have our first official website lead………. He googled Accounts advice in Cheltenham where we are on page 1 and picked up the phone! I’m off to see him next week. This wouldn’t have happened without you!!”

Andy Jamieson, Safehands Accounting