Marketing/ PR

/Marketing/ PR

Safehands Accounting

Andy contacted us for help with SEO on his accounting site. Within four months, he was so impressed with his return on investment that he commissioned us to take over his marketing and PR.


Sarah runs the brand Mosami - offering fairly traded, artisan jewellery to discerning clients. She contacted us for help with her marketing . We are growing her brand through regular consultancy, blogging and social media.

Sarah May Jewellery

Sarah May is a bespoke jewellery designer in Richmond. She needed a professional site with full e-commerce shop to sell her designs. We created a stylish, simple site to appeal to her target market.

Mobile Responsive Web Sites

Every web site should be Responsive The World is getting smaller, easier to reach and carry around in our pocket! Your website is no exception We ensure that your web site remains functional and looks great on any device. Text and images will flow to fit any screen size, form and search functions [...]