Project Description

Audrey and Jerry help businesses make more money from their sales.

They earned their excellent reputations through more than thirty years’ experience of direct sales and selling in the home, where they faced and overcame almost every sales issue. Committed to only working with people who share their values and with who they feel they can make a positive difference, Audrey and Jerry came to us for branding, copywriting, business cards and a portfolio website.

They wanted something modern and fresh which shared enough information to pique a client’s interest without being overwhelming. Their clients are busy CEOs who needed to get the message quickly. We chose an impactful colour scheme and included social media integration along with professional photography and bespoke videos.

Knowing the ‘feel’ of what we wanted for our online presence was about the sum total of what we had to offer House of Strauss in our first meeting. However, within record time they had weaved our thoughts and desired outcomes into a site that we are beyond delighted with. Furthermore, we’ve had rave reviews from some of our clients which is always reassuring.

Richard guiding us through the technicalities was such a relief – our site may be straightforward now BUT we have certainty that as we build our business, we have a platform that will easily handle the complexities of our business vision and digital plan.

Rachelle’s genius to create our new branding to ‘exactly’ what we wanted without us being able to give her a traditional brief was phenomenal – we are thrilled and feel completely at home in our new look.

We’ve worked with House Of Strauss before so we knew that this dynamic team care deeply about their clients and how they perform. So when we again received excellent service, commitment to deadlines and excellent value for money, we were able to relax knowing that everything was taken care of to an exceptionally high standard. They are a talented, fun, creative and extremely proficient team.

Audrey Chapman, The Sales Resolution