Project Description

Radhika Khimji is a contemporary artist exhiniting works in London and other major cities around the world. “My cities”, she says, “are Muscat and London, and my country is India”. Born in Oman to Indian parents, Khimji received her higher education in London,

The website brief was to create a simple canvas to feature her portfolio of works and a news stream of current exhibitions and engagements. The design needed to convey the modern genere of her work yet also to show a minimalist branding and style elements.

I have been collaborating with Richard and Rae for over a year on my website and I am so grateful for all their input and advice. They are a great team, ever ready to sort things out and update things which needed to be done. I recently revamped my site and am so happy with how it looks and the message it puts across now. It’s really great to know that your online presence is completely taken care of by two such wonderful people who put in so much time and energy to cater to your needs. I can’t recommend the house of Strauss enough.
Radhika Khimji, Contemporary Artist