Project Description

Let’s get exotic !

Deep rich sumptuous colours power this simple one page website. Despite only having one page, it is packed with animation, functional features and interest.

One page websites have a big advantage of limiting the content to the essential details only. They load fast and scroll instantly to the menu items. Use this types of design for any colour scheme, any type of landing page and adjust the colours, imagery and content to suit your taste.

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Show your content as it should be …

Paint it with colour

Rich in colour and graphics

This demo site is deliberately rich and exotic looking. It’s conveying a particular style and theme of the night, clubhouse, and sensual dancing. The design itself lends itself to a multitude of themes and topics, from the bright business no fuss look to our sample here that looks deeply into sensual night life. One page websites perform brilliantly and have to be designed to get the message across easily and quickly. Ideal for business, clubs, events, or a fast infographic

Create mood through colour

Visit the Dance demo site

Think of it as a commercial ad.

Too often we think that the more information we add to a website, the better it will be. It’s not always the case. Sales philosophy suggestst that less is oftem more, especially when you want the message to be clear uncomplicated and not distracted with too much detail. The single page website, can provide the ideal platform to deliver your message in clean direct design Think of it as a commercial advertisement, no fluff, no waffle, just straight to the point.