Project Description

Every web site should be Responsive

The World is getting smaller, easier to reach and carry around in our pocket! Your website is no exception
We ensure that your web site remains functional and looks great on any device. Text and images will flow
to fit any screen size, form and search functions will work without crashing your smart phone.
The future is mobile, the future is responsive.

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Elements condense to fill screen

Mobile devices have a smaller screen space that is usually presented in vertical portrait mode. Responsive sites adjust to reflow your content into smaller blocks

Images can be zoomed

Images that span the full screen on a large screen shrink to fit in a mobile responsive web site. Galleries can be viewed and zoomed to see finer details.

Texts remain easy to read

Special text effects are great for a large screen, but can be distracting on a mobile device. We ensure all texts remain easy and clear to read on every device.

Features are functional

Some mobile devices restrict the use of special features and functions. We ensure that when this happens your main content message remains always visible.

Design Should Be User Friendly

And It Should Be …

Simply Beautiful

Intuitive User Interface

Can you run and administrate your website from a mobile phone? The answer is yes, but with some limitations. Your mobile device has a small screen that limits what you can see and do without moving things around. However, if you want to do basic things like write a blog post, update a piece of news or make a few edits, we can install a mobile friendly interface for your administration.

What’s the big deal with mobile?

As we say, ‘The World is getting smaller, easier to reach and carry around in our pocket! Your website is no exception” Google record that more people are now viewing web sites on a mobile device than on a laptop! Google say they will also begin favouring web sites that are mobile responsive in its search results. Your site needs to be responsive to remain competitive.