Project Description

Let the darkness illuminate

The jewellery portfolio demonstrates how a dark background can provide a stunning relief to display bright shiny things.  Contrast well photographed rings, diamonds and other precious materials against this rich sumptuous  canvas for maximum effect.

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Show your content as it should be …

Simply Beautiful

It’s not really all black

Many people dislike a dark background web site. However, it has its place and can be used to great effect when you want to accentuate items that benefit from a strong relief background. Items such as jewellery, that is well lit and photographed display beautifully against this type of canvas. Look closely and you will see that the backgrounds are nearly all graded and textured to avoid the solid feeling of total darkness.

High contrast for effect

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Works beautifully with people

Dark backgrounds convey an exotic and sombre mood. Any content will carry impact and gravity, provided the textures and canvas is used sensitively. Use this style of web site for people, models, exotic photo shoots and monochrome art displays for maximum effect. Also effective for musicians,  dance clubs and performing arts where you want to release the beauty and mystery of the night.