Project Description

Features in Brief

This design uses the subtle monochrome colours to accentuate form and design. Sometimes ‘less is more …’ Soft muted colours that blend and harmonise create a strong impact on the eye. This allows the dramatic effect of white space to support and compliment your content. This site design is suitable for business, artistic and portfolio presentations that need a delicate balance between content and style.

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Style on Fonts


Conceptual Design Samples

Strong Branding

Strong branding is essential to establish identity in the market place. Many well known brands have successfully given up the ‘look at me’ approach for a more subtle and classic design. This demonstration website accentuates content through a cool minimalist design utilising clean white space and subtle monochrome colours that support and compliment the content

Layered elements graphics

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Combining graphics and fonts

Today’s technology welcomes the use of specialist fonts and layouts. We can be creative with the form of words as well as their semantic meaning. In this elegant layout we explore the daring use of fonts, wording and graphics to convey a sense of architectural playfulness. Every web site will be different as it focuses on the individual style colours and branding required.