Project Description

Power of Colour & Branding

Cafe sample web site demonstrates how colour stimulates mood and ambiance. Sweet pinks, natural tones of sun and soil suggest exotic  sumptuous taste experiences. Lots of images and a photo gallery keep the visitor enjoying your mouth watering offerings. The sample site design can be adapted for any colour scheme and theme. We co-ordinate artwork, graphics and images to compliment your brief

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Show your content as it should be …

Just Irresistible

Make the design fit the content

Soft pastoral colour schemes, that harmonise with sweets and pastries. Everything here says ‘tuck in and enjoy!’ Even before we start reading the text on the website, the eye is captured by things we like… The spreading of gallery images in the header entices the viewer to look further, explore the details and engage with your message. This is how great marketing works, not through persuasion, but by desire …

Co-ordinating colours

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Your call to action?

If you are selling a product or service, it makes sense to lead your visitors to a call to action. Once you engage their interest, they are probably already asking the question ‘How do I get this?’ In this demo we have not include a call to action, but this could easily be incorporated as a booking system for a cafe reservation, or product purchase. Whatever your business, we can lead your visitors to call to action.