Project Description

Bright for business

This business style web site follows the modern conventions of clean white backgrounds, professional accents of blue and green add a dash of style. We know that in business presentations, you want a no fuss look that gives the facts and figures and focusses on a strong ‘Call To Action’. This design features a careful balance of formal layout against strong visuals of happy people that portray the satisfied customer. Every page has a call to action and easy to reach contact information. We brand match your colours and logo to suit to ensure a strong professional presence.

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Show your content as it should be …

Clean & Professional

Your clients will thank you

Your product, service or business message should be strong, clear and quick to deliver. This type of design ensures your message is delivered the moment a visitor lands on your page. Warm success orientated imagery softens the style to provide a friendly approach, while facts and figures drive towards a strong ‘Call To Action’ We build the code to provide fast load times and search engine optimise for maximum competitive edge.

Create an emotional response

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Built to reflect your branding

Blue is a successful accent colour for many business presentations. We don’t want everyone to look the same and we know you have your own branding style and colours. Careful matching of these factors, coupled with clean clear layouts ensure your marketing style is maintained, improved or revitalised. We want you to look your best, deliver your finest online profile and reach your ideal target market. Team with us for success!